In the Navagraha system of Planetary Gemology Pearl is the gemstone that is used to enhance the powers of Moon. The planet Moon is by nature saumya (Gentle) and represents the manahsthiti (mind) of the Kalpurusha. An individual who has the Moon, well placed in one’s chart will be a balanced individual. Among all nine planets, Moon is the fastest moving. Consequently effects of changing position of the moon are felt by human beings and all the creatures of nature at short intervals.

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  Pearl belongs to the 'Moon' and the zodiac sign 'Cancer'. Pearl gemstone is available in various colours. The rain drops, falling into the mouth of pearl oysters during the 'Swati Nakshatra' solidities them into pearls. But the increasing demand and attraction towards Pearl gemstones have inspired the scientists to provide us with a large number of cultured pearls. Now-a-days with modern technology, substances similar to rain drops during the 'Swati Nakashtra' are infused into the ..
This is the best among all pearls and highly recommended by Vedic astrologers for enhancing moon qualities. Pearl increases both inner and outer beauty, facial luster and charm. It reduces tensions, creates mental balance, peace of mind, tranquility and calmness and enhances power of love and understanding. Pearl brings good luck, inspires love, and eliminates melancholy, increases enthusiasm and vitality. The wearer of Pearl is blessed with marital bliss and conjugal happiness. ..
China Pearl Anybody wearing an unblemished Pearl earns riches and is blessed by goddess of wealth Lakshmi. He or she lives long and all his sins are said be washed away. He gets vitality, becomes intelligent and achieves a high position in life.   ..
Melo Pearl ..
Pearl Barcelete ..
This is the original Pearl Bracelet ..
Pearl Silver Mala. This mala include pure silver  ..
Pearl is the gemstone of Moon. Pearls are beautiful gems formed in oysters, a certain mollusk.  But our religious texts say that pearls are made from elephant tusk or ivory, snake gem and bamboo. Pearl is the symbol of love. It is very soothing and has tranquil effects on its native. Pearl is usually white in color but it can be found in pink, blue, silver, yellow and black colors as well. Pearls of different colors have individual influence on the human body. ..
Pearl is the astrological, Jyotish gem related to the Moon, which symbolizes our subconscious mind, habits, feelings, moods, instincts, reflections, and aspirations. It is associated with the mother and childhood and it rules peace of mind, comforts and the general well-being and fortune of a person. ..
Tahiti Sea Water Pearl ..



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